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"Success in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a mandibular advancement device requires a clear understanding of the disorder, proper device selection, and the customization of the device. Perhaps most importantly, success comes from knowing how far to move the lower jaw forward to maximize the device’s effectiveness yet minimize side effects. In other words, it is not a matter of arbitrarily making a mouth piece and pushing you out the door."

Dr. Richard Van Gurp

“Finding the best treatment for me was key to my ability to control my sleep apnea and take back my life. Using my dental sleep device has given me more energy to be the father and husband I want to be. It has truly changed my life.

We collaborate with board-certified sleep physicians, ENTs, primary care physicians, and other medical specialists to provide you with the best overall care possible and give you your life back.”


Dr. John Kempter


Dr. Richard Van Gurp and Dr. John Kempter have obtained advanced training in oral appliance therapy, which qualifies them to fit highly customized FDA-approved dental sleep devices. These devices have been proven to significantly reduce or eliminate snoring and effectively treat OSA.

Success in treating OSA with a dental device requires a clear understanding of the disorder and customization of the device.

Dr. Van Gurp is one of less than 1% of dentists in the U.S. who has earned board certification with the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Kempter has a "qualified status" with the ABDSM and is currently in the process of obtaining his diplomate status. Being board certified assures patients that they will not only receive the highest level of care, but also the greatest likelihood of a successful result in controlling their obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.


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What Patients Say About Us

"Before I went to Carolina Sleep Solutions I was so tired all of the time.  Now, I have so much more energy because I’m actually sleeping again.  It has not only helped me deal with my sleep apnea, but it has really given me my life back.  I cannot recommend Carolina Sleep Solutions highly enough."


"I travel for a living and just hated carrying my CPAP every time I went out of town.  I needed a better solution.  Thanks to CSS, I found one.  My custom fitted oral appliance fits easily in my briefcase and I never have to worry about plugging it in."


"I knew I had a problem, but I was not going to wear a bunch of hoses every night.  Thanks to  Carolina Sleep Solutions, I found a treatment that works for me.  The custom fitted device allows me to sleep sound without waking up multiple times each night and my snoring is 1,000 times better."


I have been using my new appliance for a month and it is changing my total sleep! I have been on the cpap machine for 17 years. I am so excited!! I am type two diabetic and it has help my blood sugar count to go down.
The office staff is really wonderful. I highly recommend if you have sleep apnea give this a try!